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Recover deleted and unreadable files from ubuntu

May 18th, 2013 No comments

One sector of my hard drive is unreadable and my pictures folder are not visible to the OS. Digging on internet I found a useful application to recover them back. You can download testdisk from

I used live ubuntu from my USB flashdrive to perform testdisk installation in order to keep integrity of the data on hard drive. Once you are on ubuntu run:

tar xjvf testdisk-6.xx.tar.bz2

cd testdisk-6.xx

You will find three applications: fidentity_static, photorec_static and testdisk_static. The one of my interest is photorec_static to recover media from my partition unreadable.

sudo ./photorec_static

The interface is on terminal and you have to select the partition you would like to recover files, and then the location where you would like to write the recovered files. Don’t use the same disk to save your recovered data use an external hard drive.


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