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initramfs, BusyBox console ubuntu error

September 13th, 2010 No comments

I had a problem with my ubuntu, one day crashed and I saw only a black screen with (initramfs) as a prompt.

The problem was grub has lost track of where your operating system is located.

When the grub appears you have to press c, to enter in grub console mode. Then press ls to see the partitions you have, and also to know which is the partition of your ubuntu operating system. To identify which was the partition use:

ls (hdX,Y)  // x is the drive number, and y the partition

To identify which one is the partition, I saw the filesystem in the description, the one that show me ext2 was where my operating system is installed.

Then follow the next steps, (X and Y depend of your drive and partition):

grub:>> set prefix=(hdX,Y)/boot/grub 
grub:>> set root=(hdX,Y)
grub:>> set
grub:>> ls /boot
grub:>> insmod /boot/grub/linux.mod
grub:>> linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sdXY ro  // x could be a or b or c, and y a number in my case was sda5 
grub:>> initrd /initrd.img 
grub:>> boot

If this works and get log in into your ubuntu session, before restart write this in a console:

sudo update-grub
I have found the solution of this error in the next thread